Day 16

Andrew spent the evening in our disaster of an office.


Emailing his best man his new favorite picture of the two of them. They were trying to replace one from the wedding slideshow which was less than flattering.


Day 15

Our new mattress arrives. Room is in need of a little uplifting--Bed frame and paint.


Day 14

Put away china that we inherited from my grandmother. Inside were four little dishes wrapped in bubble wrap with a note:

Kimmie these 4 plates belonged to Sadie.
5 generations.
Love, Grandma

My grandmother passed down four plates that belonged to my great-great-great grandmother. My grandma’s great-grandma! Wow. Andrew and I tried to figure out how old they were. We gave up. We’ll consult my mom. The keeper of the family tree:D


Day 13

Random snow shower at work. We had no idea that it was supposed to even snow that day. It down poured. And then stopped. Nothing even stuck to the ground.


You couldn’t even see downtown!


Day 12

Dinner at Shandy’s (Shannon and Andy’s) with Frave (Fran and Dave). Yes, these are official nicknames. I’m not making them up right now. Promise.

They just got an adorable puppy named Adelaide.

Adelaide doesn’t know how she feels about Chad’s [nameless] alligator.


Day 11

We made an incredible dinner. We tried to photograph it. We totally failed. The Hearty Turkey and Rice was amazing, although the picture looks totally unappetizing. Note to self: Don’t try to photograph food.


Day 10

Andrew’s favorite picture. Where shall we hang it?


Day 9

This “plant” grew probably 2.5 inches the first day. We were shocked to watch it grow from nothing even exposed to this tall in two days!! We were excited until we realized it must be a weed.


Day 8

On the road again.


We took this next picture in honor of our ring bearer, Little Andrew, who has a Peterbilt truck that he told us about when we were in Illinois for Christmas.


Now it gets more exciting. Andrew was playing air guitar.


And then we hit DC. The bane of our existence. We can’t seem to get through DC-Baltimore-Jersey-NYC ever without one of us deciding we’ll just walk home.


Some tunnel. Andrew probably knows where it is. I’ll say Baltimore.


Flying through the tunnel with Tom Cruise.


Day 7

We started the drive from Florida to Rhode Island. Nothing too exciting between Tampa and Fayetteville, NC. Unless you count cows, bridges, roadside stands, and branchless palm trees. ‘Cause if that’s what you’re looking for, you’re in luck!


Boiled Peanuts. Grapefruit. Fresh Strawberries. I can almost guarantee that fresh strawberries line is a lie. Did you know that all the strawberries and oranges in Florida froze in early January? Well they did. You may have noticed the market price skyrocket up. Or you might not have since your strawberries come from California like they do in Rhode Island, usually.

Well, we noticed when our cake lady called two days before the wedding to tell us that they would not be able to get strawberries for our cake filling. Awesome.

Don’t worry. 1) We didn’t panic. And 2) We beat the system. Sorta. We sent Andrew’s family to the grocery store to get them and bring them to the cake baker (which happens to be the same grocery store chain). Then they told us Andrew’s family the day before the wedding when they were dropped off that they were in fact able to get them after all. Perfect.


Oh yea, back to the boring drive. A local grocery. I think they sold tires too.


Naked palm trees. It’s no Marco Island in rural, central Florida that’s for sure.


We almost turned around for this little cutie, but I knew Google street view would have our back. And it did.

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All this excitement and we weren’t even to Georgia yet!


Day 6

Our last breakfast at the Marco Island Ocean Beach Resort. We had breakfast on this patio every morning. Our floor was the 5th floor, which was where the pool was, so we had a really cool little patio instead of a balcony.


Andrew loves to read the paper every morning. The bagels and lox were his absolute favorite. I think he got it two out of the four mornings!


After breakfast we packed up and took off towards my mom’s house. Of course, we couldn’t drive past the Everglades without making a little pit stop for Andrew:)


When I changed shoes for the hike at Corkscrew Sanctuary we somehow managed to puncture the side of a soda can inside our suitcase. Awesome. Yep. It’s a generic can [Check]. We might be honeymooners, but we still don’t splurge for the real stuff.


A shout out to Joe Cocker, anyone?


What a great hobby. I was so envious of these two ladies. Actually, now that I think of it, it might be there job, in which case I’m not longer envious. But either way, it seemed like a great way to spend a January afternoon in south Florida. It was sunny, warm, and they were painting a scene in the Everglades! I wish I could have gotten the angle that showed their paintings and the trees that they were actually painting, but that would have required a swim with the alligators, and let’s be honest, no picture is worth that!


Did I mention that the entrance/exit to the sanctuary looked like this?


Those little yellow signs on either side of the sidewalk read: “Caution Diamondback Rattlesnake seen in this area. Do not approach.” Awesome. Is there another sidewalk I can enter through?


I should also mention that we didn’t see one alligator. Andrew even did research and checked the odds of seeing an alligator in January at Corkscrew Sanctuary: between 97-100%. Us: 0%  AND the worst part was he drove the next leg up to see Becka and I saw 4 on the side of the road, just hanging out in the ditch! He saw zero of those as well. Poor guy!

Lastly, our favorite sign on the drive in South Florida was: Panther Traffic.
Are these signs really necessary? They just got our hopes up.  P1020572

Day 5

On enjoying and not enjoying.

Andrew enjoying Freakonomics.


Andrew pretending to be okay with enjoying me interrupting every 2 minutes.


Andrew enjoying my Corona apology.


Me enjoying my Mai-Tai.


Andrew regretting enjoying his dashing personality and devastating good looks that attract old women to him:D


Me not enjoying being burned or cold.


Dolphins enjoying sunset.


Andrew and I saw Up in the Air at Marco Movies. They serve a full menu with little tables in the theater! How amazing is that?!


Day 4

Exploring Marco Island.


Hunting for pictures of letters—a new hobby:)


Eating a fancy 4 course tasting meal at the resort. This would be table #2 after we had to get moved because the bar area was full of gaming conference attendees raining on our mellow, romantic, honeymoon parade. We felt like such jerks. We’re not normally restaurant snobs who ask to move 20 minutes into their dinner!


Twice a day turn down service in which the evening maids refresh all of your towels, layout the robes and slippers, and leave chocolates! The first time we came back to find the robes we rolled with laughter.


Day 3

Andrew’s vision of heaven. Rows of folded towels.


Reading Town & Country by the heated pool.


Day 2

Clearwater Beach, FL


Marco Island, FL


Day 1

The Wedding. I’m cheating for Day One since I didn’t actually take any pictures on our wedding day.


A New Beginning

So a lot of people in the blogging world have been participating in Project 365. It varies from person to person, but it’s basically a project where you take a picture a day and document a year in your life, hobby, kids, photography skills, etc. It seemed like a fun idea so I decided to do a Project 365 for Andrew and I’s first year of marriage. Then I saw a post this week about a Project 52. I know it won't be simple or easy so I plan to do somewhere between 52 and 365 pictures over the next year! That will take the press off when I miss a day or two, but it will still allow family and friends to remain updated on our lives as well as document a little bit of our first year together!

Enjoy the journey with us. The pictures will range from simple items lying around the apartment to trips, dates, and meals. Who knows! Hopefully they’ll get better over the year as well:) Andrew and I love photography.

PS I’m post dating these so they appear on the correct day so please don’t think that I was blogging on my honeymoon:)