Day 6

Our last breakfast at the Marco Island Ocean Beach Resort. We had breakfast on this patio every morning. Our floor was the 5th floor, which was where the pool was, so we had a really cool little patio instead of a balcony.


Andrew loves to read the paper every morning. The bagels and lox were his absolute favorite. I think he got it two out of the four mornings!


After breakfast we packed up and took off towards my mom’s house. Of course, we couldn’t drive past the Everglades without making a little pit stop for Andrew:)


When I changed shoes for the hike at Corkscrew Sanctuary we somehow managed to puncture the side of a soda can inside our suitcase. Awesome. Yep. It’s a generic can [Check]. We might be honeymooners, but we still don’t splurge for the real stuff.


A shout out to Joe Cocker, anyone?


What a great hobby. I was so envious of these two ladies. Actually, now that I think of it, it might be there job, in which case I’m not longer envious. But either way, it seemed like a great way to spend a January afternoon in south Florida. It was sunny, warm, and they were painting a scene in the Everglades! I wish I could have gotten the angle that showed their paintings and the trees that they were actually painting, but that would have required a swim with the alligators, and let’s be honest, no picture is worth that!


Did I mention that the entrance/exit to the sanctuary looked like this?


Those little yellow signs on either side of the sidewalk read: “Caution Diamondback Rattlesnake seen in this area. Do not approach.” Awesome. Is there another sidewalk I can enter through?


I should also mention that we didn’t see one alligator. Andrew even did research and checked the odds of seeing an alligator in January at Corkscrew Sanctuary: between 97-100%. Us: 0%  AND the worst part was he drove the next leg up to see Becka and I saw 4 on the side of the road, just hanging out in the ditch! He saw zero of those as well. Poor guy!

Lastly, our favorite sign on the drive in South Florida was: Panther Traffic.
Are these signs really necessary? They just got our hopes up.  P1020572

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