Day 7

We started the drive from Florida to Rhode Island. Nothing too exciting between Tampa and Fayetteville, NC. Unless you count cows, bridges, roadside stands, and branchless palm trees. ‘Cause if that’s what you’re looking for, you’re in luck!


Boiled Peanuts. Grapefruit. Fresh Strawberries. I can almost guarantee that fresh strawberries line is a lie. Did you know that all the strawberries and oranges in Florida froze in early January? Well they did. You may have noticed the market price skyrocket up. Or you might not have since your strawberries come from California like they do in Rhode Island, usually.

Well, we noticed when our cake lady called two days before the wedding to tell us that they would not be able to get strawberries for our cake filling. Awesome.

Don’t worry. 1) We didn’t panic. And 2) We beat the system. Sorta. We sent Andrew’s family to the grocery store to get them and bring them to the cake baker (which happens to be the same grocery store chain). Then they told us Andrew’s family the day before the wedding when they were dropped off that they were in fact able to get them after all. Perfect.


Oh yea, back to the boring drive. A local grocery. I think they sold tires too.


Naked palm trees. It’s no Marco Island in rural, central Florida that’s for sure.


We almost turned around for this little cutie, but I knew Google street view would have our back. And it did.

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All this excitement and we weren’t even to Georgia yet!


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