A New Beginning

So a lot of people in the blogging world have been participating in Project 365. It varies from person to person, but it’s basically a project where you take a picture a day and document a year in your life, hobby, kids, photography skills, etc. It seemed like a fun idea so I decided to do a Project 365 for Andrew and I’s first year of marriage. Then I saw a post this week about a Project 52. I know it won't be simple or easy so I plan to do somewhere between 52 and 365 pictures over the next year! That will take the press off when I miss a day or two, but it will still allow family and friends to remain updated on our lives as well as document a little bit of our first year together!

Enjoy the journey with us. The pictures will range from simple items lying around the apartment to trips, dates, and meals. Who knows! Hopefully they’ll get better over the year as well:) Andrew and I love photography.

PS I’m post dating these so they appear on the correct day so please don’t think that I was blogging on my honeymoon:)

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  1. Kim, I made it through all 31 days! I love this idea! What a precious treasure this will be this time next year! Many blessings!!