Day 44

Horrible pictures, exciting day.

Shannon and I planned for a little girl time. We were going to grab some coffee and chat while our husbands watched the US vs. Canada hockey game. We stopped by the drug store on our way. As we walked out the door I noticed there was money sitting in the ATM. I didn’t know how much, but I paused and told Shannon. I wasn’t really sure what to do. Then I told the clerk. That’s what all goodie-goodies do.

The clerk said, “Well, we have no affiliation with the ATM. We can’t trace who’s been there and we can’t touch it. It’s yours!”

We hesitated. The clerk said something like, “Really, it’s your lucky day!”

It turns out it was a 20 dollar bill. Shannon grabbed it, looked at me, and said, “Let’s go out for a glass of wine instead!”

And that was that. We took our stolen 20 and headed to a bar. We sat at the bar, got a glass of wine, talked about marriage, ate a hot fudge sundae (me) and a cheese plate (Shannon), and followed the hockey game when people around us shouted.

IMG_4816 IMG_4817

Day 43

We went by the mall to pick up a bench that was on back order for our bedroom set. I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say that we don’t love going to the mall on cold, winter, weekend days. Lots of people, lots of traffic, lots of frustration.

We stopped by Macy’s to make a return and decided to check out the rugs that they had. We are desperately looking forward to decorating our living room. It’s currently the most dismal room in the apartment, yet we want it to be one of the coziest places for us to relax and have company in. We want to decorate it with black and an accent color inspired by this room:


We found this rug, but we’re afraid that we might get sick of red since it’s our kitchen theme as well.


Then we went out for Indian. We love Indian food.


Shandy called. They wanted to watch one of the last nights of the Olympics. They don’t have cable so we graciously allow them to come over and use us for our TV. They think we’re doing them a favor, but really, we enjoy the company. Andrew even proposed yesterday that we should get a Wii so friends would come over more often. I think that sounds like a good plan, mostly because I want a Wii fit.

Unfortunately the ice skating gala was less than riveting.


Andrew put together our bench. He got to pretend to be a car mechanic without all the grease and grime:)


Day 42

Andrew and I came up with today’s post idea when we met for lunch. On our walk back to my office from Olga’s Cup and Saucer we passed a sidewalk that exemplifies the lack of rules and regulations in Providence. Andrew calls it the Wild West. And this drives us nuts. We like rules. We like to follow them. They give structure to our lives:)

Sidewalks are supposed to be ADA accessible for wheelchairs. Can you imagine trying to get a wheelchair down this sidewalk? We can barely walk down it. And don’t even think of holding hands while walking down it!


You gotta love the thoughts of two urban planners walking the streets together! You just don’t want to be walking them with us. We’ll drive you nuts!

Then Andrew walked home.


In the wind and rain and sleet. (It doesn’t look nasty in the picture, but it was.) What a trooper! Another reason to love urban planners. They’ll walk anywhere to hang out with you and not think twice about the weather conditions. We walk. That’s just what we do.


Day 41

Movie night!

What an eclectic group of movies we’ve acquired. We’ll be watching Lawrence of Arabia. A top 100. No. 5, in fact.


Day 39

Out of milk. Delivery day is tomorrow. No milk = no cereal. Juice and toast for breakfast:)


Day 38

Sick day #2.

Making homemade chicken soup.


Day 37

Guest Post!

Andrew is sick as a dog today and he wrote a guest post from the comfort of our bed. Sorry, no pictures today. It didn't seem right to highlight him in the depths of despair. 

So this is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time. Guest post on my wife's wonderful blog. I have had a couple of idea's for 'guest blogs' over the past few months, but as Kim and I wrote thank you notes this past week, something really stood out to me.

When Kim and I were planning the wedding, I was (fortunately) turned down for my unique guestbook idea. I thought in order to thank people (from both sides) for traveling to the wedding we could print a huge U.S. map with cut out states and as guests walked into the reception they could pin their state up onto the map. Then at the end of the day we would have had a colorful map that would show how far our guests had come.

Well, I am honestly glad that I was turned down as Kim's idea was much classier and user-friendly. BUT as we wrote our thank you's (yours coming soon) it dawned on me just how far away these little cards were going to travel. So in honor of your long journey on our behalf.....
note: Ireland not to scale!

Day 35

Olympics party.


Argyles. What can I say, I try to make Andrew happy.


An intense moment in the Men’s Super-G Competition.


They were great sports about watching Ice Dancing as their Friday night excitement. Sorry Shannon, we respect that you love it. We really do.


Intently watching the games—he wouldn’t even look at the camera. Now that’s commitment.


Day 34

I walked (day 1)…
looking like this (I need new winter walking shoes)…
Carrying this (dork alert!)…
around this…
under this….
through this…
by this…
and this…
over this…
towards this…
until I arrived here:
And don’t worry. I put these on when I got there. I did not wear socks with Crocs all day!

Day 33

We had tacos for dinner. Great idea, terrible recipe. We tried a new recipe for making the seasoning and it was awful. Too sweet for our liking. Ketchup? Brown sugar? Really? What were we thinking? I still stand by the packets. Andrew vows he has a great recipe to make it from scratch. Next time we do tacos we’ll try one of those other options. Probably Andrew’s. If that fails, we’re on to the packets!


Day 32

Our 1 month anniversary!

Snow greeted us this morning:D


We remembered that we had leftover chocolate and strawberries from fondue night!



Then we decorated cookies.


Day 31

Caught up on blogs today. More specifically, this blog. I started/updated Day 1 through Day 31.

Day 30

Valentine’s Day. Favors from last night’s party. Mr. Pierson eating cereal in his robe while watching the Olympics.


Mr. Pierson doing laundry, still in his robe. It was probably well after noon. It was the laziest and greatest Valentine’s Day ever! PS We found a place to hang his picture:D


Day 29

We prepared for our first dinner party.


We had friends—Shandy and Frave—over for a Valentine’s fondue dinner. There were so many people that served and fed us over the past few months. Now that we have the time and space we get to return the favor and host people:)


Day 28

Our sweet neighbors downstairs are from Switzerland and speak mostly French. The husband and two of their little boys brought us up the cutest gift with a homemade card wishing us a happy first Valentine’s Day as a married couple. It was too sweet! They also baked us Christmas cookies in December. We’re trying desperately hard to think of a present we can give back to them.


Day 27

Saw this sign on my way to a meeting today. I think it’s referring to the dangers of texting and fatal accidents. Wow.


The church is the oldest Baptist church in America. Literally 1st Baptist. Isn’t is beautiful? Andrew studied about this church in architecture school back in Illinois.


Day 26

Andrew left early for a meeting. I awoke to find this laid out for me. How sweet is that?! [He’s a stickler for drinking water in the morning. Who drinks water with cereal--milk?! Not me!]


Day 25

We made “Panini’s” for dinner. Panini’s is in quotes because we used regular bread in our new Panini press instead of fancy bread and one of the sandwiches was completely annihilated. Mine, of course.

Andrew put left over pork on his sandwich and probably even stuffing, which gave structure and strength to it. I just put cheese. I’m not sure if you can tell from the pictures, but the back sandwich, the plain cheese one, was flattened within an inch of it’s life. The pork one, however, held strong. It was okay—it still tasted fine.


Also, our bed arrived today!


Our entire apartment was taken over by oversized boxes which now clutter the garage. How do you even get rid of boxes that big?!


Below you can see me crawling through the kitchen to get a Lion bar from the candy jar. My friend Courtney gave me two for a shower gift and Andrew and I would probably crawl over hot fires to get one. Luckily, I just had to crawl across linoleum and under boxes.


Aside from eating Lion bars when assembling a bed, you can find me lounging around dictating directions. Okay, calm down, I wasn’t dictating anything. I was just trying to figure out how the heck to put the bed together. It’s amazing how easy the 4 steps make it look. Then Andrew asked why I was laying in a coffin and I promptly got out.


My little runaway.


It turns out the item he needed was on the other side of the mattress so he had to go through the kitchen, dining room, guest bedroom, and Jack and Jill bathroom to get into the room he was originally in.




Trying to dance the Irish jig? Trying that tire exercise in football? Putting together a bed?


Testing the bed out. That all black look is kind of creepy. I look dead. I’m not.


Finished bed. Finished paint.