Day 25

We made “Panini’s” for dinner. Panini’s is in quotes because we used regular bread in our new Panini press instead of fancy bread and one of the sandwiches was completely annihilated. Mine, of course.

Andrew put left over pork on his sandwich and probably even stuffing, which gave structure and strength to it. I just put cheese. I’m not sure if you can tell from the pictures, but the back sandwich, the plain cheese one, was flattened within an inch of it’s life. The pork one, however, held strong. It was okay—it still tasted fine.


Also, our bed arrived today!


Our entire apartment was taken over by oversized boxes which now clutter the garage. How do you even get rid of boxes that big?!


Below you can see me crawling through the kitchen to get a Lion bar from the candy jar. My friend Courtney gave me two for a shower gift and Andrew and I would probably crawl over hot fires to get one. Luckily, I just had to crawl across linoleum and under boxes.


Aside from eating Lion bars when assembling a bed, you can find me lounging around dictating directions. Okay, calm down, I wasn’t dictating anything. I was just trying to figure out how the heck to put the bed together. It’s amazing how easy the 4 steps make it look. Then Andrew asked why I was laying in a coffin and I promptly got out.


My little runaway.


It turns out the item he needed was on the other side of the mattress so he had to go through the kitchen, dining room, guest bedroom, and Jack and Jill bathroom to get into the room he was originally in.




Trying to dance the Irish jig? Trying that tire exercise in football? Putting together a bed?


Testing the bed out. That all black look is kind of creepy. I look dead. I’m not.


Finished bed. Finished paint.


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