Day 42

Andrew and I came up with today’s post idea when we met for lunch. On our walk back to my office from Olga’s Cup and Saucer we passed a sidewalk that exemplifies the lack of rules and regulations in Providence. Andrew calls it the Wild West. And this drives us nuts. We like rules. We like to follow them. They give structure to our lives:)

Sidewalks are supposed to be ADA accessible for wheelchairs. Can you imagine trying to get a wheelchair down this sidewalk? We can barely walk down it. And don’t even think of holding hands while walking down it!


You gotta love the thoughts of two urban planners walking the streets together! You just don’t want to be walking them with us. We’ll drive you nuts!

Then Andrew walked home.


In the wind and rain and sleet. (It doesn’t look nasty in the picture, but it was.) What a trooper! Another reason to love urban planners. They’ll walk anywhere to hang out with you and not think twice about the weather conditions. We walk. That’s just what we do.


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