Day 37

Guest Post!

Andrew is sick as a dog today and he wrote a guest post from the comfort of our bed. Sorry, no pictures today. It didn't seem right to highlight him in the depths of despair. 

So this is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time. Guest post on my wife's wonderful blog. I have had a couple of idea's for 'guest blogs' over the past few months, but as Kim and I wrote thank you notes this past week, something really stood out to me.

When Kim and I were planning the wedding, I was (fortunately) turned down for my unique guestbook idea. I thought in order to thank people (from both sides) for traveling to the wedding we could print a huge U.S. map with cut out states and as guests walked into the reception they could pin their state up onto the map. Then at the end of the day we would have had a colorful map that would show how far our guests had come.

Well, I am honestly glad that I was turned down as Kim's idea was much classier and user-friendly. BUT as we wrote our thank you's (yours coming soon) it dawned on me just how far away these little cards were going to travel. So in honor of your long journey on our behalf.....
note: Ireland not to scale!

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  1. :)

    Reason #504 why Kim and Andrew are so good for each other.