Day 75

We desperately need to go grocery shopping so tonight we went out to eat.

Gyros. Yum! We love them and neither of us had eaten one since grad school in Champaign!

We snapped this picture on our way to East Side Pocket.


Day 74

One of our favorite past times is watching Friends.

It’s enjoyable, entertaining, and only requires 22 minutes of your time.

We’ve been going through the series for over a year and are only at season 4. Guess you could say we’re savoring it. Or that I always fall asleep and we have to watch the same episode multiple times:)


Day 73



Trying to stay positive with all this rain, rain, rain!

Day 72

Cooking prep. Getting a recipe off the Pioneer Woman's blog.

PS Outfit looked cuter with jacket and boots. Promise.

Day 71

Mini-road trip. Actually, just a half-day trip. It’s Rhode Island. You can’t drive longer than that and stay within the state:)


Story to follow shortly:)

Day 70

Leftover fondue tonight.
We made fondue with Emy and had extras of all the ingredients so we made another batch. But we did it lazy-style this time—standing around the stove burner dipping in a non-stick pot:D



Day 69

Emy left this morning. Sigh.

5:00 PM Moon.



Day 68

Tonight we had Shandy and Frave over and we called it Wii & Wine Wednesday.

Emy graciously baked cookies for the get together while Andrew and I were at work and they were amazing!

The after party:

Lots of dessert.


Lots of Wii. Our Wii was the demise of her thesis productivity.

Day 67

Tonight we made Andrew’s long overdue birthday carrot cake. Better late than never, right?


Happy belated birthday to you!


Emy approved!

Day 66

Monday morning meeting. RI is such a small state and our jobs are similar enough that Andrew and I were both attending the same meeting:) It was a first. This is Senator Jack Reed speaking.



We made quesadillas with Emy for dinner.


Flowers are still blooming:D


That was about it. A laid back day.

Day 64


I’ll post a story of our day in Newport on our other blog soon.

Day 63

Emy-Week Menu


Souvlaki for dinner tonight.


Ze chef.



Ze guest.


Ze post-dinner party.



Ze steeple.



Ze fire. WaterFire.



Ze end. Good night.

Day 62

An evening stroll with Emy.

We showed her the East side and all its beautiful, historic houses.



Then we wandered through downtown’s art galleries and shops.


IMG_49130  IMG_49140

Then headed home to make some Panini's for dinner.

Day 60

Writing a note to the milkman. At midnight.

We forgot last week! How is that possible? Birthday week got the best of me and it totally slipped my mind to order. Needless to say, we were devastated on Wednesday morning when we realized fresh milk was not on its way.

Day 59

A new accessory for our new Wii. Pink, of course:) It’s actually pinker than we’d like. Barbie pink we call it.

Day 56

Birthday week concludes. Andrew got to eat his favorite meals all week.

Today, the last day: sausage and mashed potatoes.


Day 55


Walking to Happy Hour at sunset.


Day 54

Andrew’s Birthday. We walked to dinner to celebrate.



East side of Providence.



Andrew has wanted to eat at 3 Steeple Street for two years! We finally made plans to go for his birthday.



Apparently, a few days before, it closed. I felt awful!



We walked some more.



We ended up going to Cafe Noir.


It was amazing.


And when they bring you the bill they bring it with a champagne flute of cotton candy. What?! Yes!




And then we digressed…


The end. Happy Birthday, Andrew!