Day 46

Went to IKEA.


6:30 on a week night seems to be a good time to go. The place was fairly empty as is visible from the sea of carts.


We saw this print which inspired us to go with red for our living room accent color.

Then we bailed on the idea at the last minute. The store is closing in 15 minutes, last minute. We felt like red would be overdone. We wavered between “it would make hosting easy since everything red from the kitchen would look great in the living room” to “we’re going to get so sick of red and not be able to escape it.” Andrew was pulling for turquoise. Turquoise seems like a warmer color anyway. I obliged. We are giving ourselves the challenge of finding a black and white painting with a turquoise accent color or taking one ourselves for our wall art.

You’ll be the first to know when we find it. If not the first to know, definitely the first to see it:)

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