Day 105


We arrived in Chicago and spent the afternoon with Emy.


We were impressed by the warm weather, blue water, and a lady walking a half-dozen dogs.

IMG_50910 IMG_50950


We had delicious hamburgers at DMK. Emy, Andrew, and I were all delighted with our grass-fed beef burgers:)


We realized in NYC last summer that we love going to dog parks. Since DMK is in Lakeivew, we were right next to Wrigleyville. Andrew mentioned that there was a dog park nearby named Wiggly Field and I couldn’t resist the name and the fact that it was a dog park. We forced Emy to endure it for at least 30 minutes.



Afterwards, we headed north to hang out with some of Andrew’s cousins. On the way, we enjoyed all the tulips blooming everywhere in the city. They were beautiful and amazing!

Day 104

I arrived early to my meeting so I tried to capture my new haircut while I waited.


Day 103

I cut my hair off today.

It was getting too long, summer is coming, and we’re headed out to Chicago this weekend, so what better timing is there?


Day 102

A little pre-work Wii.
Andrew had some free time before he needed to leave so we convinced him to entertain us on the Wii.

Andrew’s parents left today.
But, we’ll be seeing them again soon (this weekend) for his grandpa’s 90th birthday party.

Day 101

I had to work today, but Andrew and his parents worked on projects around the apartment.

And then helped prepare dinner:)

Stuffed shells. Yum.


Day 100


We hauled Andrew’s parents through the rain, all over RI.


Things that made us happy:

Cool gates.



Warm jackets. And warm hugs.

Iggy’s Doughboys.

Handsome Hubby.

And Surfers.



Things that made us sad.

Rain. And Bay Street Deli being closed for the season.
IMG_2533 IMG_2534


Looks like the happy-to-sad ratio was way in our favor. This equals a happy day!

Day 99

Andrew’s parents came to visit. While Andrew and his dad watched hockey, his mom and I went to get massages.

On our way through the East Side we passed Brown University and a Snoop Dog concert!


We went out later for dinner and drinks.


And cotton candy, of course.


Day 98

Coming home from a Friday afternoon meeting. My brain is about as fuzzy as the picture:)


Day 97

Flash flood.

Random, short rainstorm flooded the streets (again).

It looked like this at 3:30 and by 5:30pm it was gone!





Day 96

A little cookie mishap. Don’t worry. They still tasted great.


Day 95

The bane of Andrew’s existence.
The bathroom. And the bathroom medicine cabinet.
He has to open the cabinet in order to get his head above the sink, but when he does that he hits his head on the corner of the cabinet doors.

Day 94

As Mr. Roger’s says:
It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.


Flowers blooming everywhere:)
Spring has arrived!

Day 93

Red Sox Game

A co-worker of mine gave us two tickets to the Red Sox vs Tampa Bay Rays game.

The Rays smoked ‘em.

It happened to be the day before the Boston Marathon so we got to see lots of runners picking up their packets and posing at the finish line.

It was freezing and rainy, but we had a great time.

Day 92

Dinner: Salmon kabobs with zucchini and mushrooms.

Day 91

Pedi night.

So I had to cancel an appointment I had with friends to get a pedicure. Our husbands had called a salon and made the appointments together as a gift to us. Well the Sunday before my appointment (Easter) I decided to take my old nail polish off since I was wearing open toe shoes to church and the polish was months old… Say from January 16th. Well to my dismay, nail polish is not to be left on for 3 months. My toe nails did not appreciate it so I had to “let them breathe.” It didn’t make sense to get a pedicure and not have cute colored toes to show for it so I had to cancel my appointment:(

To make up for it, I decided we would have spa night at home. So Andrew and I filled the bath tub, soaked our feet, scrubbed them with our foot files we received for Christmas from Andrew’s grandparents, and trimmed our toenails. All while listening to Three Dog Night’s greatest hits to get us prepared for the concert we spontaneously bought tickets for!

Spa del Pierson



 IMG_2309 IMG_2310

Day 90

Part II of the series I call, “Living with A Man”

Too lazy to get out a bowl? Don’t want to create more dishes? No problem! Just throw your berries right into the carton!

Day 88

Arts & Crafts

I saw a tutorial for making adorable mini-clipboards and decided that Andrew and I could benefit from this increase in organization.

Day 87

Making Butter

Andrew and I got the idea to make butter. We had seen a few blogs about people making their own butter and it looked pretty easy.

We watched this video on YouTube and followed exactly. It was easy. And tasty!

It’s just like making whipped cream except you just keep whipping it until the liquid separates into butter and buttermilk.

[Pouring the butter milk out, which was used to make these amazing buttermilk pancakes]


Our final product. Butter. We added Italian herbs and garlic to some of it to make flavored butter.

Day 86

Flowers blossoming downtown.

Day 85

Baking day.

We prepared some desserts for a church lunch.

We used a brown-sugar cupcake recipe and didn’t like it at all. But we had to stick with them since we had already baked them. Fortunately, the frosting tasted great. And I’ve had my eye on these cupcakes since last year. Each year around baseball season’s opening week Taste of Home posts these baseball cupcakes as the Cupcake of the Week. Too fun!