Day 105


We arrived in Chicago and spent the afternoon with Emy.


We were impressed by the warm weather, blue water, and a lady walking a half-dozen dogs.

IMG_50910 IMG_50950


We had delicious hamburgers at DMK. Emy, Andrew, and I were all delighted with our grass-fed beef burgers:)


We realized in NYC last summer that we love going to dog parks. Since DMK is in Lakeivew, we were right next to Wrigleyville. Andrew mentioned that there was a dog park nearby named Wiggly Field and I couldn’t resist the name and the fact that it was a dog park. We forced Emy to endure it for at least 30 minutes.



Afterwards, we headed north to hang out with some of Andrew’s cousins. On the way, we enjoyed all the tulips blooming everywhere in the city. They were beautiful and amazing!

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