Day 84

One of Andrew’s Top 30 goals before he turns 30 is to learn how to tie a tie well.
For some reason we decided to spend tonight on You Tube learning knots.
I did not pick it up so well.


But Andrew has mastered the half-Windsor. It’s his new knot.
No more of that Four in Hand business. He’s a professional man.
But let’s just say the entire night didn’t go so smoothly:)

The Full Windsor was not our friend.



P.S. As an entertaining side note. The vertical snake-like wire below is a lamp attached to a laptop tray.

We never use the lamp though since we have other lighting sources. But Andrew and I get a kick out of walking past the person who is using the lap tray and ordering into the “microphone” (it looks like one, doesn’t it?).

“Um, yea. I’ll have a Big Mac, small fry, and some ice water to go. Thanks”

We realize it’s the person inside the drive-thru who uses the microphone, but it never gets old.


  1. I hope he masters the tie tying soon!!!
    HAHAHA you guys are so wonderful, you would think of something like ordering into a lamp that looks like a microphone!! <3 <3 <3