Day 91

Pedi night.

So I had to cancel an appointment I had with friends to get a pedicure. Our husbands had called a salon and made the appointments together as a gift to us. Well the Sunday before my appointment (Easter) I decided to take my old nail polish off since I was wearing open toe shoes to church and the polish was months old… Say from January 16th. Well to my dismay, nail polish is not to be left on for 3 months. My toe nails did not appreciate it so I had to “let them breathe.” It didn’t make sense to get a pedicure and not have cute colored toes to show for it so I had to cancel my appointment:(

To make up for it, I decided we would have spa night at home. So Andrew and I filled the bath tub, soaked our feet, scrubbed them with our foot files we received for Christmas from Andrew’s grandparents, and trimmed our toenails. All while listening to Three Dog Night’s greatest hits to get us prepared for the concert we spontaneously bought tickets for!

Spa del Pierson



 IMG_2309 IMG_2310


  1. Where did you get those chairs and is that a sheet/shower curtain around your tub?

    Two peas in a pod, I'm telling ya! :)

  2. They are our dining room chairs. We got them for free from a lady in Cape Cod. Along with a couple tables, our couches...basically half our apartment.

    Yes. That's a curtain. We hate the tub. We call it Vinyl City. There is a window next to our tub and it's a claw foot tub so we have to have curtains going all the way around to keep the water in and the neighbors out:)

  3. Hehe you guys are so adorable!! Sorry you had to cancel your appointment, hopefully it can be reschedualed, looks like you did a fine job making up for it though =D
    <3 <3