Day 136

Memorial Day.

Today is our down day.

We have worn ourselves out from our adventures all weekend.

And eaten too much. So lunch = salads.



We did leave the house briefly to run a quick errand to the grocery.
Where we drove down the street next to Tree Man. Check out that back seat!
We got a kick out of him.
He caught us taking pictures. And he waved.


Mom leaves tonight:(
Short, but fun and jam-packed weekend. And she finally got to see a WaterFire!

Day 135

We went to church this morning. The Catholic Church in downtown Providence is beautiful.
It is very old, historic, and adorned with amazing details.
I’ll spare you the details, but I should confess that Google linked up to the wrong church website so we showed up half an hour late and the mass was only 45 minutes long! Oops.

Then we went on a boat ride along the Blackstone River.

P1020845 P1020848


P1020870 P1020871


And we ended the day with a picnic in the park.
We enjoyed tacos, live entertainment, and a beautiful sunset.


Day 134

Lobster Roll Tour!

We attempted to retry the same trip that we unsuccessfully embarked upon last month when the Pierson Parents came to visit.

Our mission: Determine the best lobster roll in New England.
GQ magazine ranked Abbott’s Lobster in the Rough as having the #1 lobster roll in New England. Andrew had an amazing lobster roll in Westerly, RI last summer at Bay Street Deli. We had to determine which one was actually better. And let’s be honest, no one is going to complain about taste-testing lobster!!

We first drove to Noank, Connecticut, to try a lobster roll from Abbott’s.
We were all happy and satisfied. Andrew tried to recall the taste of last year’s roll.



Since it was only a 30 minute drive to the other place, Bay Street Deli, we drove around and looked at pretty houses to kill time.



This house was being raised. Crazy.



And we saw lots of unique “driveways.” Our guess is that since many of these towns are seasonal and only occupied for part of the year they don’t have driveways. Not sure why. So it’s pretty funny to see a big fancy house with a car parked in the grass of the front yard!


We went by the lighthouse and the beach. We took lots of pictures.


Andrew attempted to go into the water.


Apparently the water is not warm yet.


But you know what is warm? A lobster roll!
Highlight of the day: Bay Street Deli was open!


Conclusion: Best lobster roll ever.
The bread from Calise Bakery puts it over the top.
If you’re hungering for a lobster this is where it’s at!


On our way out of town, we drove past the coolest hotel ever. Ocean House, Watch Hill
Quite possibly the most expensive hotel ever too.


Next stop. Iggys. Incredible New England Clam Chowder.
We found it, by mistake, last month when Andrew’s parents were here.
And the doughboys. Amazing.



We went to the top of the hill at the Point Judith Lighthouse. But by this time it was freezing. So we quickly got back in the car.


And we ended the day with a WaterFire.


What a busy, but fun, delicious, yet exhausting day!

Day 133

My mom arrived today!

We made very last minute plans on Wednesday for an impromptu Memorial Day weekend visit.

I took her to Pawtucket where we picked Andrew up from work.
We watched a video at the Tourism Council on the history of the Blackstone Valley and then went to Slater Mill and learned all about the history of the first cotton mill in the U.S.

All the machines were very old and powerful!

They even had a machine that made argyle socks! If it didn’t look so complicated I’d suggest we invest in one so Andrew can make his own argyle socks! Think of all the color combos he could create himself:)


Day 132

This evening we went to Andy’s show. He was featured at a local gallery.


He was also on Apartment Therapy! That’s huge!

Day 131

Project of the Day

We turned this stand:

into this:

We used red enamel spray paint so that it matches our kitchen better.
Reading decorating and DIY blogs gives us tons of great project ideas:)

Day 128

Andrew watching a big Blackhawks game in the NHL playoffs.

They won. And now the Blackhawks are headed to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Then for the classy part. Andrew hung his jersey (he calls it a “sweater”) in the window.
No, this is not a college dorm or apartment. He’s just that guy:)
His defense: they haven’t won the Stanley Cup since 1961.

Day 127

Saturday morning.
Bible studies at the dining room table.


Day 126

Learning how to use manual mode on our camera.

Testing our zoom.
Check out the bird at 3 levels of zoom!


And our newly planted outdoor garden!

Day 125

Heading to the RISD grad art show.


Someone offered to take our picture, so I gladly jumped on the tourist card and let them take our picture, even though we weren’t tourists. I never pass up an opportunity to get a picture together. It’s not easy to do when it’s usually just the two of us.


Day 123

Everybody needs a friend.


Day 122

The Mr. sharpening our knives.

His parents got us a knife sharpener last time they came to visit. Apparently the glass cutting board I had been using was destroying knives. Who knew you shouldn’t cut on glass? [I just checked. Everyone knows, including Wikipedia.]

Day 121

The best part about sleeping later than your husband is waking up to this.

Day 120

Planting day.

We went to Home Depot to get light bulbs, screws, and a drill bit and came home with flowers and vegetable seeds! Ooops. :)

We are so excited to create a comfy porch space! We’ll need it this summer since we don’t have air conditioning.

We potted our flowers and then planted the vegetable & herb seeds.
We are growing broccoli, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cilantro and oregano!

Below is our newly furnished balcony. Amazing! It was so desolate all winter long.