Day 166

Our garden woes.

We planted our extra seedlings downstairs in the sandy dry soil.
For some reason they have taken off and our potted vegetables upstairs are not growing nearly as large. Ugh.
[These pictures don’t do justice to the difference in sizes. Sorry!]

Day 165

I-Way update 


9:00am                                          5:30pm
  IMG_53150 IMG_53180
Pretty impressive!

Day 164

Wiffle Ball at the Park’s

If there is one thing Andrew loves about summer, it’s Wiffle ball.

He’s gotten to play 4 times in the last two weeks! Heavenly.

That means I’ve gotten to sit around and chat with the ladies. Heavenly.



Day 162

Our day in a nutshell:
Chips & salsa, strawberry daiquiris, Parkside Rotisserie & Bar.

Day 161

Eye doctor appt.

Andrew was creeped out by my dilated eyes.
He’s never had his eyes dilated before.
And he wears glasses and contacts!
True story.

Intense. But you know the old saying, the eyes are the windows to the soul:)


Lastly, per Andrew’s request. The kickin’ shades I had to wear home.

Day 160

Morning walk.

Same old, same old with construction.

Downtown in the morning. Looks so peaceful.IMG_52990

Day 159

Ta-dah! [before]

New and improved bedroom.

Wall decor.

Day 158

Sorry for the boringness of this series, but the construction dominates our life right now.
Walking, driving, sleeping.
Life is detoured by the jack hammers.

Loud night, but they removed all of the steel supports since yesterday!


Day 157

Construction status:

Overpasses. Gone.



Murals. On their way out.



Ramp to no where. Literally.



Working hard into the night.

Day 156

Turkey meatballs and spaghetti squash


Day 155

Best thing about running errands:
Lunch at Panera Bread.


Day 154

Construction status:

The old highway is coming down!



Day 152

Pizza & Movie Party!

We ordered some pizza, stopped by Red Box, and rolled out the couch bed to watch a movie.

Day 151

Things that keep us up at night:
Construction, jack hammers, and overpass demolitions

The state Dept of Transportation is working on tearing down the old highway. And we are so grateful for that and excited about the new opportunities it will bring to downtown Providence. But we are so not appreciative that they do the work from 9pm until around 5am.

Day 150

Attempt at homemade mozzarella sticks.

When the recipe requires eggs and you don’t have any, don’t convince your husband that you can just use some butter to coat them and hold the batter together to avoid going to the grocery store.



Close up of 5 “mozzarella sticks” which melted into one gooey mess in the pan.

Day 149

Some of you requested pictures of the finished clipboard project.

I made some more for birthday/Mother’s Day gifts.

Day 148

Agenda item #1: Combat those crumbs!

We really need to get better at taking our shoes off before we come inside. Hardwood floors make every speck stand out and we are constantly wiping the bottoms of our feet.

Day 147

Hydrangeas blooming on my way to work.



Day 145

Cold night.
So I put on Andrew’s “sweater”.

Oh, and the Blackhawks clenched the Stanley Cup title tonight. :D

Day 144

I dropped Andrew off this morning at a public housing project.

And then I drove to a conference at a country club.

It wasn’t until half way through my morning that I realized how opposite those places can seem.



But in reality we both had pretty good days at work. Andrew’s was definitely more fun than mine.
He and 100 volunteers worked on a one-day service project building community gardens in a public housing project in Pawtucket.

[photo by someone in Pawtucket]

Day 143

We’re ready to work on decorating our room a bit more.

Andrew was holding the shelf up for height and the only way I could show him what it looked like [I wasn’t strong enough or tall enough to hold it] was to take a picture. Kind of boring, but it’s our only picture from today. I guess it will make a good “before” shot:)

Day 141

We had a few friends over to watch the Belmont Stakes.
After the race we made Ruben sandwiches with our Panini press.

And then we hung out on our porch.

Day 140

Garage cleaning Part 794.


Finally done!

You couldn’t even tell there was a recliner under the heap of boxes when we started!
And don’t worry. We don’t sit out in the garage in a recliner. We’re just not sure how to get rid of it. Large, heavy, doesn’t fit easily into a car…

Day 139

Cleaning out the garage.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any before pictures [probably because we were too mortified], but we are in the process of cleaning out our garage. We had about 4 feet of boxes piled up on the right half of the garage. Between moving, buying a bed frame which came in massive boxes, and receiving wedding presents we couldn’t control our box build up.

This is about 1/3 of what’s left. We spent an hour or so ripping apart boxes and binding them together with twine so recycling would take them.

Andrew made the US out of Styrofoam.

Day 138

Our neighbors hosted a BBQ.

We brought dessert.