Day 150

Attempt at homemade mozzarella sticks.

When the recipe requires eggs and you don’t have any, don’t convince your husband that you can just use some butter to coat them and hold the batter together to avoid going to the grocery store.



Close up of 5 “mozzarella sticks” which melted into one gooey mess in the pan.


  1. Did you see this on the Pioneer Woman's blog? We didn't have mozzarella sticks so I tried making this with another type of cheese--major fail! I think my husband distinctly said, "don't try making cheese sticks anymore." haha!

  2. Yeeeesss!! Same recipe! Same result. Failure. Andrew said the same thing!! Plus, when we realized how bad they are for you, we were okay with it.

  3. haha, too funny! yea, it's probably best i not make them anymore :) wish we could cook and take fun pictures together! you guys look great.