Day 197

Dinner on the Porch.


Shannon and Andy prepared a wonderful dinner! After dinner we looked at Chad’s alligator and then built a fire in the backyard.
Grilling out + front porch + good friends + bon fire + homemade cookies = perfect summer night:)

Day 195

Working on our green thumb.

Sad and pathetic. The top left picture is of our potted lettuce “plants” on our balcony.
The two right pictures are from the same crop that we planted in the ground. All the seeds were planted at the same time. We thought for sure the plants in the ground would die because the soil was dry and sandy. Wrong. Completely wrong.

Day 194

Welcome to Vermont!

Andrew loves maps. He reads them every road trip so he’s always prepared and informed on where we’re headed.


We crossed from New York to Vermont via the Lake Champlain auto ferry.


It was very windy, but beautiful on the boat.

We wandered around Burlington for a bit. We ate lunch and popped into a few stores before heading back home towards Providence.
[PS Check out the cat guy below! He rode his bike around with his cat on his handle bars.]


Last stop: Ben & Jerry’s factory.
[Pictured below is the flavor graveyard where retired flavors get headstones.]


And we couldn’t leave without a cheesy tourist photo.

IMG_1370 IMG_1367

Day 193

South of the border.

We left Canada and entered back into the states and headed into the Adirondack Mountains, NY.

We spent the afternoon at Lake Placid


The restaurant we ate lunch at gave your receipt in a cigar box with reading glasses!!:D


Lunchtime at the lake.


The ladies voted for a boat tour of Lake Placid. We won:)

Sitting in a giant Adirondack, in the Adirondacks.

I stayed back at the B&B with a bum knee…so I slept while the family hiked.

Then we finished the day with dinner outside on the patio of a nearby restaurant.IMG_1207

Day 192

Downtown Montreal.

We set out in the morning to see the historic district of the city—Old Montreal.


Planning our next adventure. Keeping us from getting lost.


The Pierson Parents


A cute street.


They speak French in Montreal. And although Andrew gave us a French lesson over breakfast, I still panicked every time someone spoke to us in French. I couldn’t even muster out the word Bonjour!



A stroll under the tree lined promenade.


Downtown Montreal.


Great buildings and flowers and signage.


Fun storefront.


Snack time!


Old vs. new.




And then we headed back to the states.

Day 191

Wine tasting in the Finger Lakes region of NY.

Fox Run Vineyards. Great wines!


Learning from a pro.

Next stop: Canada!

Day 190

Vacation! Day 1

Checking out the map.



Scoping the sights. Downtown Watkins Glen.


He can’t get away from me and the camera:)

Enjoying the lake.

Hanging out with family.


Doing canon balls. 

Learning how to play gin rummy. 

The guests of honor (Sandra and Bud) cutting the cake to celebrate their 50th anniversary.


Fun times:)

Day 189

On the road.

Destination: Finger Lakes region, NY

We worked for half the day and then hit the road

We caught up with friends and family on the phone

We drove through hills, back roads, and fog

And we drove through cute towns and villages

We ate at our favorite road trip fast food—Arbys

And then arrived at our cabins in Watkins Glen around 10PM!