Day 228

A Providence Icon: The smoke stacks


These are Providence’s famous smokestacks. They can be found on t-shirts, postcards, mugs, and Point Street:)

Day 227

Herbs. The next day.

We weren’t sure how long the lettuce would survive so we decided to promptly order up a mixed green salad.
We also weren’t sure how to “harvest” the leaves so Andrew just chopped them off.
And they became a salad.


Post-Edit: We later learned that the lettuce would have continued to grow new leaves and shouldn’t have been dumped so hastily into the compost bin. Devastating.

Day 226

A Day at the Beach.

A group of us from church planned to meet at the beach for an afternoon get together and an evening BBQ. This is commonplace in Rhode Island (at least from what we’ve observed). People often head to the beach in the late afternoon not to sun-bathe or swim per se, but to enjoy food, conversations, warmth, and sunshine.

Andrew and I arrived a little before 3PM, but it was the first sunny and warm weekend in a while so the beach parking lot was still full. So Andrew and I drove around town to kill time and stumbled across a sign for herbs.

We couldn’t resist that.
In the middle of someone’s yard/farm was a little hut with herbs, a $1.00 sign, and a tin can to put your dollar into. How interesting is that?! The prices were amazing for the size of the herbs; plus, who wouldn’t want to support a local farmer with an honor system like that?! We bought some lettuce and cilantro and moseyed on to our next stop to look for some Del’s frozen lemonade.

We made it back to the parking lot just after it emptied out and re-opened and were onto the beach around 5:00. We relaxed, ate, talked, and enjoyed every minute of light that we could steal from the sun.

Day 225

Dragon Boat Races

Another Pawtucket event this weekend was the Dragon Boat Races. Every year teams from all over New England compete in a rowing competition in giant Chinese dragon boats. This year Andrew worked the event. He was in a motor boat and sounded the starting horn.

[Andrew in the boat]

Traditional Chinese performances.

Sounding the horn.

The boats take off!
Apparently, it’s a lot harder to start a boat race than a foot race because the boats don’t stay still and they drift around. Andrew said that some races were delayed 20 minutes because of boats drifting and needing to turnaround (which is a chore with a long boat).


I don’t know if you can tell from the picture, but the people standing on the front of the boats were very animated. I’m not exactly sure what their purpose was but yelling, flailing their arms, bouncing, hooting and hollering were definitely part of their job:) Right behind the “stander” is a drummer who plays the beat that the rowers paddled to.

I watched the boats from the shore go by.IMG_25900

Day 224

Taste of Pawtucket

Since Andrew works in the neighboring town of Pawtucket, we like to support their events. Tonight we headed into Downtown Pawtucket to enjoy a taste of all the food the city has to offer!  




Day 223

Our 2010 Calendar

Andrew’s aunt and uncle (Hi Kris & Bill!) got us a cool calendar last year for Christmas that has our names in Chicago scenes each month.IMG_21220

Day 222

Recipe Project

We’re working on creating a binder with all of our recipes compiled in it.
Andrew’s parents made binders for him and his sisters when they were younger with family recipes, traditions, financial advice, etc. We’re using the idea and modifying it a little to create one large binder with just recipes. So when we see recipes that we’re interested in from magazines, cookbooks, online, etc. we tear/print them out.

Compiling them is our next step.

It’s quite the ambitious endeavor. I don’t think we realized what we got ourselves into.


Our dining room table has become a workshop.

Day 221

Lone Ranger

An odd leave started growing out of our spider plant. I pulled it out, but it grew back. Guess I missed the roots.

Day 220

Fox Point Hurricane Barrier


Day 219

Swimming at the Greene’s

Andrew loves swimming.
It has been so great to be able to swim with the Greene’s this summer.
It’s hard to believe on warm days like these that winter will be here before we know it!

Day 218

Louie Fullers

Shannon and Andy have been telling us about their favorite restaurant, Louie Fullers, for a while now. We decided tonight was the night. We would meet up for a drink and dessert. We all thought it would be fun to dress up. So we did:)

The fellas:


Andrew tried to take candid shots of us.
But we couldn’t seem to get on the same page.
Or be very candid.
But we had fun trying:)

And that’s it.
Just a simple evening relaxing, passing shared desserts around the table, and chatting with good friends. And sometimes simple is best.

Day 217

Lounging on Friday Evening

Shannon and Andy came over tonight.
We flipped through magazines on our coffee table.
Watched a little TV—Andrew introduced them to the mockery that is Caught in Providence. A local version of Judge Judy, except it’s only traffic court and has the most ridiculous scenarios.
And then we introduced them to the pastime of watching every season of Friends.


Andrew was in rare form tonight. He was lip singing & dancing to music in the dining room because Shannon and Andy couldn’t see him from the couch.  Below you can see Shannon camped out waiting to catch him doing something nutty.


Then Andrew tried on Andy’s motorcycle helmet. I went along with it—I figured it was the closest I’d ever let him get to a motorcycle:)


And then Shannon and Andy rode off into the night.


[You might not be able to tell, but Shannon was rocking some awesome heels, pearls, and a skirt on the motorcycle! Fab.]

Day 216

Precept upon Precept

We studied the book of Genesis this summer.
[The study uses colored pencils to highlight key or repeated words.]

Day 215


Andrew and I both had meetings today so we had to meet up mid-day to pass off the car.
[photo: The Foundry in Providence]

Day 214

Conference Call

Tonight we ate dinner with friends.

Andrew had to work late with a pre-dinner phone call.

I guess if you’re going to work late it might as well be on a rooftop garden.

[Andrew chatting it up on Shandy’s rooftop garden.]

Day 213

Indian food…Yum!

Tonight we used a Groupon to go to Kabob and Curry for dinnerIMG_195100

Day 211

De Pasquale Square

Saturday night on Federal Hill

Day 209

Super stressful morning.

I was quite flustered and overwhelmed this morning. Standing to blow dry my hair took too much energy. Thinking took too much energy. Breathing took too much energy. Thus my attempt at productivity with minimal effort (see picture below).

The picture is not very convincing, but I was stressin’ when my husband caught me blow drying my hair on the floor of the guest room!

And no, it wasn’t very efficient, in case you’re wondering.


Day 208

DIY Project

Step 1: Tape jars


Step 2: Use stickers to write words on jars


Step 3: Spray jars with frosted glass aerosol spray


Step 4: Unwrap tape and newspaper from jars


Step 5: Admire your craftsmanship. Especially since the can of frosted glass sat on your shelf for a year and a half waiting to be used.


Step 6: Restock empty jars.

Day 206

Snail mail from a college friend of Andrew’s

Love the card!
Great surprise.IMG_14740

Day 205

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

We were given tickets to a local production of the famous Shakespeare play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We thought we were going to see a high school play, but it was actually a non-profit arts organization with both youth and adults and the performance was phenomenal! We were beyond impressed.

[We were with Andrew’s company so we got to sit under the food tent. Thanks, Bob!]

[It was a beautiful night. The weather was perfect.]

[The set was created by a local artist, Morris Nathanson, who designs restaurants, hotels, resorts, and cruise ship interiors.]

[Total hams, but done well]

Day 204

Saturday Evening on the Town

Andrew and I ate dinner at home this evening and planned to head out to the Italian district for dessert. But on our way down the street we noticed lots of parked cars, pedestrians, and loud music. We made an impromptu left turn, noticed a local festival and immediately parked our car back in our driveway to see what the excitement was all about.



There were carnival rides, games, and treats galore! It turns out we had stumbled upon the Our Lady of the Rosary Portuguese Feast and Festival.

We planned to head out to our original destination—dessert—but my husband saw a game he couldn’t resist. We hesitated, mostly because he would be the only person over 10 years old playing and that seemed a little unfair, but we went for it anyway!

Below is a play-by-play of the event.

Andrew is fired up and ready to go!

He’s slow to the start. Horse number 6 is white…and not on the board yet. I keep cheering though, I won’t give up on him. He has his heart set on this game!


We’re on the board!!

He’s breaking through!

The underdog is stealing the show! He’s in 2nd place!


He has one more ball to get in to win…

It’s neck and neck!!!


Andrew comes in 2nd!

It was well worth the buck to see him this excited.

Then it was on to dessert!