Day 204

Saturday Evening on the Town

Andrew and I ate dinner at home this evening and planned to head out to the Italian district for dessert. But on our way down the street we noticed lots of parked cars, pedestrians, and loud music. We made an impromptu left turn, noticed a local festival and immediately parked our car back in our driveway to see what the excitement was all about.



There were carnival rides, games, and treats galore! It turns out we had stumbled upon the Our Lady of the Rosary Portuguese Feast and Festival.

We planned to head out to our original destination—dessert—but my husband saw a game he couldn’t resist. We hesitated, mostly because he would be the only person over 10 years old playing and that seemed a little unfair, but we went for it anyway!

Below is a play-by-play of the event.

Andrew is fired up and ready to go!

He’s slow to the start. Horse number 6 is white…and not on the board yet. I keep cheering though, I won’t give up on him. He has his heart set on this game!


We’re on the board!!

He’s breaking through!

The underdog is stealing the show! He’s in 2nd place!


He has one more ball to get in to win…

It’s neck and neck!!!


Andrew comes in 2nd!

It was well worth the buck to see him this excited.

Then it was on to dessert!


  1. $1 well spent....look at that face!!!

    What was for dessert?

  2. Oh boy. Long story. We didn't want to make this post longer by further explaining. Let's just say we walked up and down the street in the Italian district and never found the one we were looking for. We had heard it was phenomenal, but didn't know the exact address. Let's just say our noses decided they wanted pizza so we ended up at a restaurant ordering a Margherita pizza (2nd dinner of the night) and two desserts! Man I can't even remember what we got. Andrew got a torte of some sort and I have no clue what I got. Memorable, huh?;)