Day 208

DIY Project

Step 1: Tape jars


Step 2: Use stickers to write words on jars


Step 3: Spray jars with frosted glass aerosol spray


Step 4: Unwrap tape and newspaper from jars


Step 5: Admire your craftsmanship. Especially since the can of frosted glass sat on your shelf for a year and a half waiting to be used.


Step 6: Restock empty jars.


  1. LOVE these! I've been looking for the perfect canisters for my kitchen! Where did you find the jars??

  2. Thanks Kendall!:D

    I think Target and Walmart carry them, but we got ours at Walmart. And we got the spray from Michaels, but you could probably get that at Walmart or Target too.

    Also, I can't take all the credit, I got the idea from a blog post last year. Check it out in case it gives you more ideas, fonts, designs, etc. :)

    Excited to see if you make it and how they turn out! It was super easy. I went a little crazy and started grabbing picture frames or glass candle holders that were glass but would look better frosted:)

  3. So super cool! Modern like you guys! Was it tricky to get the tape a perfect square around the portion you were gooing to paint? Andrew is ok with these on your countertop? Not too much clutter?
    In all my married years, I've yet to pull the trigger on canisters...I just keep them in the bag/box. Mmmm.
    Really like!!!!

  4. It wasn't hard. It took a little time to tape everything up and make sure the rest of the jar was exposed, but it was actually pretty easy. The jars have rim that defined the boxes for us:)

    He is okay with them. Good question. Not sure why he is. I wanted some jars with cereal on top of our fridge, but I've yet to get that one passed:) I think it's because the items we keep in the jars come in bags that aren't handy to store (dried beans, sugars, oats)