Day 217

Lounging on Friday Evening

Shannon and Andy came over tonight.
We flipped through magazines on our coffee table.
Watched a little TV—Andrew introduced them to the mockery that is Caught in Providence. A local version of Judge Judy, except it’s only traffic court and has the most ridiculous scenarios.
And then we introduced them to the pastime of watching every season of Friends.


Andrew was in rare form tonight. He was lip singing & dancing to music in the dining room because Shannon and Andy couldn’t see him from the couch.  Below you can see Shannon camped out waiting to catch him doing something nutty.


Then Andrew tried on Andy’s motorcycle helmet. I went along with it—I figured it was the closest I’d ever let him get to a motorcycle:)


And then Shannon and Andy rode off into the night.


[You might not be able to tell, but Shannon was rocking some awesome heels, pearls, and a skirt on the motorcycle! Fab.]

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