Day 225

Dragon Boat Races

Another Pawtucket event this weekend was the Dragon Boat Races. Every year teams from all over New England compete in a rowing competition in giant Chinese dragon boats. This year Andrew worked the event. He was in a motor boat and sounded the starting horn.

[Andrew in the boat]

Traditional Chinese performances.

Sounding the horn.

The boats take off!
Apparently, it’s a lot harder to start a boat race than a foot race because the boats don’t stay still and they drift around. Andrew said that some races were delayed 20 minutes because of boats drifting and needing to turnaround (which is a chore with a long boat).


I don’t know if you can tell from the picture, but the people standing on the front of the boats were very animated. I’m not exactly sure what their purpose was but yelling, flailing their arms, bouncing, hooting and hollering were definitely part of their job:) Right behind the “stander” is a drummer who plays the beat that the rowers paddled to.

I watched the boats from the shore go by.IMG_25900

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