Day 226

A Day at the Beach.

A group of us from church planned to meet at the beach for an afternoon get together and an evening BBQ. This is commonplace in Rhode Island (at least from what we’ve observed). People often head to the beach in the late afternoon not to sun-bathe or swim per se, but to enjoy food, conversations, warmth, and sunshine.

Andrew and I arrived a little before 3PM, but it was the first sunny and warm weekend in a while so the beach parking lot was still full. So Andrew and I drove around town to kill time and stumbled across a sign for herbs.

We couldn’t resist that.
In the middle of someone’s yard/farm was a little hut with herbs, a $1.00 sign, and a tin can to put your dollar into. How interesting is that?! The prices were amazing for the size of the herbs; plus, who wouldn’t want to support a local farmer with an honor system like that?! We bought some lettuce and cilantro and moseyed on to our next stop to look for some Del’s frozen lemonade.

We made it back to the parking lot just after it emptied out and re-opened and were onto the beach around 5:00. We relaxed, ate, talked, and enjoyed every minute of light that we could steal from the sun.

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