Days 251 – 256

Our first fall visitors

We had a busy extended weekend with my mom and her friend, Dick.

First stop: Watch Hill to get lobster rolls.

[Photos: We walked down to the shore to see a lighthouse. Then on our way back we stopped and chatted with a lady hanging out her 2nd floor window changing the flowers in her window boxes (center picture ).]


We walked around Watch Hill a bit and then headed to Point Judith. We ate (more lobster) at Pirate Girl, whose boat was featured in the Discovery Channel show, Lobstermen. A New England version of Deadliest Catch.


The next day, we went to Newport and hiked the Cliff walk and ate some more seafood:)


The day ended with a Providence WaterFire


We spent day 3 with our visitors in Boston


And on Day 4 we lounged around all day!

Days 247 – 250

Early morning at India Point Park. Quiet, cool, and calm.


We were so excited to see Providence on the cover of a pizza box. So often pizza boxes display classic scenes from Italy. This is an image of a Providence WaterFire. And that is awesome.



Andrew loves these tug boats. He likes driving by them and loves when we can hear their horns in our apartment.



Near the tug boats is an abandoned night club. It is right on the waterfront and in the heart of an area poised for redevelopment with the removal of the highway. We’ll see what comes of it in the next few years!

Days 243 – 246

The pilot season of an ABC TV show is currently being filmed throughout Providence. Andrew and I receive flyers from time to time informing us of road closures, truck parking, and other interruptions filming may cause in our neighborhood--but we never really get to see the action. This week I was coming home from a meeting and stopped by our apartment and noticed the commotion. Semi trucks, bright lights, and food-vending set up in the middle of the street. Later that evening we took a walk to check it all out. It was pretty cool and exciting. We quickly learned that the crew and security guards are very protective of the integrity and secrecy of the production. They don’t want anything to leak out before the episodes appear on TV. Understandable.

All of the pictures below were taken before I knew that cameras were not allowed. Don’t worry, they were shooting inside the house so I’m not revealing anything and they didn’t have to confiscate my camera:) The craziest part is that they were shooting a daytime scene indoors at night! Hence the bright, bright lights.


Left: A semi-truck filled with props behind a house-front facade. Pretty cool, huh?
Top: As you can see they are here all the way from Burbank, CA!
Bottom: Bright lights illuminating for a daytime shot.
Right: Road closure, generators, prop trucks, and gawkers.


A sweet note left for me with an afternoon treat.

Saturday breakfast spot: Brickway on Wickenden
Rating: Pretty good. Not as good as Amy’s, but still a decent place. My French toast was undercooked (soggy raw-egg bread) so that might play a role in my less-than-convincing endorsement. 


Andrew works with some farmer’s who sent him home with an eggplant from their abundant harvest.

Days 236 – 242

Just Dance.

We were welcomed home by our not-so-resilient cilantro plant. Apparently, a week with no circulation or relief from 90 degree heat (indoors and out) makes one weepy. And die. There was no resurrection for this plant. Into the compost it went.



Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.
Or in our case, your gender.
We go to a local sandwich shop to get our cheese, deli meat, and sandwiches. They don’t know our names so they identified our sandwiches with our genders:) We’ll take what we can get and work on the names later:)

We are starting a new tradition of Saturday morning breakfasts around town. Since I have a meeting every Saturday morning at 6:30AM I am up, ready, and out & about early. And since breakfast is generally a pretty inexpensive meal we decided to try different cafes or diners each week. For our inaugural breakfast we went to Amy’s Place. Andrew had his favorite breakfast—a bagel with salmon & lox—and I had an egg and cheese sandwich on a bagel. We were both really impressed with our simple, yet tasty meals. We’re planning to keep Amy’s on our short list of places to take guests when they visit. It’s quaint, local, and delicious.


The folks from Melrose Place (Shandy & Frave) had us over for a bon fire and marshmallow roast.


On my way home from work one day I saw a man teaching a woman how to dance. Downtown. On a boat dock. Just like that. 5 PM. Tuesday. Passersby and automobile traffic. And not a care in the world. They just danced.

Days 232 – 235

Vacay Part II

While in Florida, we got to spend some time with my grandma. We loved looking through her old photo albums and seeing pictures of her as a child, my grandpa in high school when they were dating, and learning about my great-grandparents who immigrated here from Europe.

And then we had fun test driving her scooter. You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to maneuver. I have a new found respect for people riding on those things. In the future, I will stay well out of their way:)

I would like to take a moment to assure everyone that these pictures should not be a reflection on my ability to drive an automobile. Honestly.

We hunted for lizards so we could free them outside. My mom has one lizard living on her back porch that is literally starving to death but it can’t figure out how to get back out.


We went to the pool, rode bikes, and played Wii.


The cousins came over and we swam and played some more Wii.


We went out for drinks at the Don CeSar on St Pete Beach with my mom, Justin, and Kerri. We enjoyed cocktails and took a quick walk down to the beach as we tried to beat the rain. Andrew and I had never been there before and we loved the cozy atmosphere and elegance of the bar. It was a treat! And we even got to see Elvis.
the don


Then we headed down the beach for ice cream. Yum!

And we ended the trip with a delicious lunch and headed back up north.


Not pictured was a great sushi dinner with my dad. He and Andrew love sushi and it’s become one of our Florida traditions:)

Days 230 – 231

Labor Day Vacay

Note: In an effort to catch up on this blog before we hit day 365 and I’m still posting September pics, I’m going to consolidate days and weeks into one post.

We flew to Florida.

And visited with family

And ate good food

And thought of Julie Burger

And searched for alligators. (Fairly successful if you don’t take size into account. Look closely.)

And spent time together.

And sweated in the Florida heat.

And looked for more gators.

And spent time with good friends.

And a cute kiddo.

And a soon-to-be-expanding family.

Day 229

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

A group of us headed to Pawtucket for the last Paw Sox game of the season.

[Note: For those not familiar with the Paw Sox, they are the Boston Red Sox’s AAA farm team located in Pawtucket, RI]