Days 232 – 235

Vacay Part II

While in Florida, we got to spend some time with my grandma. We loved looking through her old photo albums and seeing pictures of her as a child, my grandpa in high school when they were dating, and learning about my great-grandparents who immigrated here from Europe.

And then we had fun test driving her scooter. You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to maneuver. I have a new found respect for people riding on those things. In the future, I will stay well out of their way:)

I would like to take a moment to assure everyone that these pictures should not be a reflection on my ability to drive an automobile. Honestly.

We hunted for lizards so we could free them outside. My mom has one lizard living on her back porch that is literally starving to death but it can’t figure out how to get back out.


We went to the pool, rode bikes, and played Wii.


The cousins came over and we swam and played some more Wii.


We went out for drinks at the Don CeSar on St Pete Beach with my mom, Justin, and Kerri. We enjoyed cocktails and took a quick walk down to the beach as we tried to beat the rain. Andrew and I had never been there before and we loved the cozy atmosphere and elegance of the bar. It was a treat! And we even got to see Elvis.
the don


Then we headed down the beach for ice cream. Yum!

And we ended the trip with a delicious lunch and headed back up north.


Not pictured was a great sushi dinner with my dad. He and Andrew love sushi and it’s become one of our Florida traditions:)

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