Days 236 – 242

Just Dance.

We were welcomed home by our not-so-resilient cilantro plant. Apparently, a week with no circulation or relief from 90 degree heat (indoors and out) makes one weepy. And die. There was no resurrection for this plant. Into the compost it went.



Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.
Or in our case, your gender.
We go to a local sandwich shop to get our cheese, deli meat, and sandwiches. They don’t know our names so they identified our sandwiches with our genders:) We’ll take what we can get and work on the names later:)

We are starting a new tradition of Saturday morning breakfasts around town. Since I have a meeting every Saturday morning at 6:30AM I am up, ready, and out & about early. And since breakfast is generally a pretty inexpensive meal we decided to try different cafes or diners each week. For our inaugural breakfast we went to Amy’s Place. Andrew had his favorite breakfast—a bagel with salmon & lox—and I had an egg and cheese sandwich on a bagel. We were both really impressed with our simple, yet tasty meals. We’re planning to keep Amy’s on our short list of places to take guests when they visit. It’s quaint, local, and delicious.


The folks from Melrose Place (Shandy & Frave) had us over for a bon fire and marshmallow roast.


On my way home from work one day I saw a man teaching a woman how to dance. Downtown. On a boat dock. Just like that. 5 PM. Tuesday. Passersby and automobile traffic. And not a care in the world. They just danced.

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  1. What a variety in happenings...enjoyed it. Do you think the sandwich shop ever has to clarify the gender before marking the sandwich?