Days 243 – 246

The pilot season of an ABC TV show is currently being filmed throughout Providence. Andrew and I receive flyers from time to time informing us of road closures, truck parking, and other interruptions filming may cause in our neighborhood--but we never really get to see the action. This week I was coming home from a meeting and stopped by our apartment and noticed the commotion. Semi trucks, bright lights, and food-vending set up in the middle of the street. Later that evening we took a walk to check it all out. It was pretty cool and exciting. We quickly learned that the crew and security guards are very protective of the integrity and secrecy of the production. They don’t want anything to leak out before the episodes appear on TV. Understandable.

All of the pictures below were taken before I knew that cameras were not allowed. Don’t worry, they were shooting inside the house so I’m not revealing anything and they didn’t have to confiscate my camera:) The craziest part is that they were shooting a daytime scene indoors at night! Hence the bright, bright lights.


Left: A semi-truck filled with props behind a house-front facade. Pretty cool, huh?
Top: As you can see they are here all the way from Burbank, CA!
Bottom: Bright lights illuminating for a daytime shot.
Right: Road closure, generators, prop trucks, and gawkers.


A sweet note left for me with an afternoon treat.

Saturday breakfast spot: Brickway on Wickenden
Rating: Pretty good. Not as good as Amy’s, but still a decent place. My French toast was undercooked (soggy raw-egg bread) so that might play a role in my less-than-convincing endorsement. 


Andrew works with some farmer’s who sent him home with an eggplant from their abundant harvest.

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