Days 257 – 263

Fall is here:)IMG_35170[Cute pumpkin display on a front stoop] 

Saturday breakfast spot: Cafe Zog
Andrew got a large and delicious plate of apple pancakes. And I, again, got an egg & cheese on a bagel. It was rockin’. Even Andrew admitted it and we hate to admit when the other spouse orders the better (more tasty) meal:)
We also got a good chuckle at the advertisements posted behind Andrew’s head. Apparently, choir auditions and Mandarin lessons just can’t compete. (In case you haven’t seen these types of flyers, the bottom section is a tear-off with the the contact information on it.)


Andrew and I were perusing a local gift shop and found a sheet of fancy “wrapping paper” of a U.S. map. We couldn’t imagine wrapping a present in it--It looked like wall art to us. So we decided to hang it on our bulletin board and put pins in each of the places we have been together. Although the major highways are not displayed on the map, it’s clear to see where they take you because most of the places we’ve been to together have been by car.


Boys night! Andrew and a friend watched some football tonight.


Fall decor is up! We were walking by a garage sale this weekend and scored a ton of fall decor!

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