Days 264 – 269

Second Fall Visitors.

I spent the weekend with Andrew’s mom, sisters (Rebecca & Katie), and Rebecca’s future MIL (Nancy) in NYC.
(Fun fact: Andrew, his sister Rebecca, and his dad all have mother-in-laws named Nancy!!)

They flew in from the Midwest and I hopped on a Peter Pan Bus and we met up in Times Square at the Port Authority Bus Terminal. We spent two days in the City walking, dining, and looking at a few wedding dresses for Rebecca.

Friday night we had dinner at Brasserie Les Halles, Anthony Bourdain’s restaurant. Shortly after we ordered, we could see flashing red lights fill the street outside as fire trucks unloaded FDNY firefighters who walked through our restaurant to the back. Nobody moved, nobody fled, and none of the wait staff even flinched. It was so odd. The pink elephant in the room—as if none of the staff saw the firefighters. We weren’t sure what was going on.
Then we learned that there was a kitchen fire.
Then the fire men/women left.
Then our waiter brought us menus.
He told us our food was lost in the fire. We had to reorder and could only have items off the grill. Steak, salmon, chicken. Poor, Becca. She was really looking forward to the restaurant and it was kind of a one-shot deal. It’s not easy to get from Iowa to NYC for dinner.

Saturday we hit up a few bridal boutiques—the JCrew Bridal on Madison Avenue and another boutique in the Garment District. becca_dress copy
[Note: This is not her actual dress. Nobody panic. You’ll have to wait until July to see the dress she picked!]


Between dress shops we strolled through Central


And then we finished the day with dinner at a quaint, but delicious hole-in-the-wall, Sam’s Place. Definitely worth a visit.

Oh, and we were introduced to Magnolia Bakery this weekend. Some say they are the best cupcakes ever. My MIL is one of them. Andrew and I are trying to figure out how to bottle them up and send them to her on a weekly basis.

Sunday we met up with Nancy’s nephew for brunch. He lives in NYC and works in TV production, I believe. We tried to go to Penelope’s but there was a two-hour wait. Probably rightfully so. It looked incredible. It’s definitely on my short list next time Andrew and I are in NYC. Instead we went to a Belgian place nearby and then hit the road and headed for Grand Central Station to take a train out east.

Andrew picked us up in New Haven, CT and we spent a day and a half with his mom and sisters in Rhode Island.IMG_3749[Rebecca and Katie as we walked through the East Side of Providence]

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