Days 270 – 277

Andrew and I went with some of his co-workers to the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular at our local zoo. There were thousands of pumpkins around the zoo intricately and elaborately carved. Each twist on the path led you through another decade in American history. It was really cool. Unfortunately, my pictures do not tell that tale well. The pictures below are the pumpkins that photographed best. But if you can imagine, we walked through pumpkins with images of Native Americans & cowboys, the founding fathers, Teddy Roosevelt & the Industrial Revolution, the Roaring 20s, Jackie Robinson, John Wayne, JFK & Woodstock, and of course, ghosts & goblins.



Breakfast @ The Duck & Bunny

Andrew and I continued our Saturday morning tradition of trying new breakfast spots around town. The Duck & Bunny is a little cafe with cupcakes, crepes, and coffee.

duck & bunny00


A lazy fall evening.

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