Days 308 – 315

We spent the week of Thanksgiving in Illinois with Andrew’s family.
His parent’s picked us up at the airport in Chicago and after a quick trip into the city we headed north for Wisconsin.
We met up with his sister Rebecca and her fiancé Brad for a short family weekend in Kohler.



For those of you unfamiliar with Kohler it’s the factory town of it’s namesake which manufactures bathroom and kitchen products.

We explored the showrooms and all the cool gadgets that were in them.


When we got back to Illinois, we spent some time with Andrew’s grandparents. I learned how to knit from Grandma Pierson—I’ve got a long way to go before I start knitting sweaters or scarves (see product below), but I was excited to learn. I had learned to crochet as a kid from my grandma and knitting was something I was interested in learning.knitting[I was supposed to be making a square washcloth, but it turned out looking like a pair of bloomers!]

Then we prepared for Thanksgiving.table


And Uncle Jeff prepared the turkey.turkey00


The fam polished off dinner and then relaxed for a bit.


Early on Thanksgiving morning I had gone with Andrew’s mom to a Thanksgiving Day boot camp. I had no idea how sore I would be. I was unbelievably sore for the next three days (3 days!!). The below photos are from day 1, post-camp. It wasn’t pretty. I could barely walk down the stairs without my quads trying to give way. It was pathetic!stretch


Eventually I hobbled all the way down stairs where we were exchanging Christmas gifts with Andrew’s family since we wouldn’t be there for Christmas.IMG_47430


My favorite gift was a camera lens that I had been drooling over for months. The pictures below were taken with the new lens as soon as I opened it:)thanksgivmas0


We had such a great Thanksgiving and Pre-Christmas celebration. Thanks so much for everything, Jeff and Deanne!

Days 301 – 307


We met Andrew’s mom, her friend Molly, and Little Andrew in Boston. They flew in from Chicago for the weekend to hang out with us and go on the Polar Express. We walked them to the car and loaded their bags before hiking around Boston for the day.


We crossed the river to check out
the children’s museum,
Flour Bakery,
& seafood.


First stop, Flour Bakery.
You’ve got to try it!
Run. Don’t walk.
There are long lines and big crowds for a reason:)flour_bakery


Little Andrew was such a good sport walking all over town. Especially with Andrew and I who tend to walk too far and too much.


Downtown Boston.IMG_43650


 big & little andrew

While we waited for our table at dinner Big Andrew entertained Little Andrew by counting how many times he could jump back and forth over the curb without stopping; Little Andrew jumped up and down and cheered. I prayed that he didn’t fall and knock all his teeth out. Fortunately, the mission was accomplished without injury. big_andrew_jumpin


Dinner at The Barking Crab.

Andrew’s mom and Molly split a seafood dinner. We also had some clam chowder and lobster bisque. Andrew loves seafood and when visitors come he gets his fill of it and more!


Later that weekend we took them to our new favorite fall spot: the harbor seals viewing point.


And Little Andrew put on the charm.


Big Andrew gave Little Andrew a belated birthday gift: a Lego building of the Sears Willis Tower. Little Andrew was a wiz with it and put it together and took it apart multiple times before leaving.
Lego architecture

Thanks for coming to visit! We promise to spend more time shopping in Newport if you come back:)

Days 290 – 300

Early NovemberIMG_41700 [Don’t worry. It’s not that bad. We’re doing fine. And using our heat plenty:D]


Election Day.
I literally laughed out loud when I saw some of the party names. I wished that Andrew and I had gone to vote together so I had someone to laugh with.



Andrew and Becka surprised me. I knew we were having visitors this weekend but I thought it was just Andrew’s cousin and a few of his friends passing through town on their way to Boston and NYC. To my surprise, after his cousin left, Andrew asked for the car to go somewhere for an hour. He returned, with Becka and her sweet girl, Reagan!

We took them to the indoor farmer’s market in Pawtucket.


We played Wii, baked giant cookies, and had pillow rides with Mr. Andrew. becka


And we went to the park and played in the leaves.prospect park


Reagan loved Mr. Andrew. She was such a ham with him. He’s the coolest. Pillow rides? C’mon. That’s fun!


Thanks so much for coming, Becka, we had such a great time!

PS You can check out Becka’s recap for more details and pictures:)

Days 284 - 289

Andrew and I had a low key week

He didn’t get to go to the museum with Caroline, Claire, and I last weekend so I promised him we would go together this weekend. And we did. He was excited to see a picture that he studied in architecture school and I took him through the blue room where Claire, Caroline, and I played “What one picture would you want in your house and what one picture would you not want in your house?”


Also, I recently read about vivid mode on digital SLR cameras. I loved the idea of bringing the intensity of colors out, but I wasn’t sure what kind of changes it would make. I took two photos from our kitchen table. The first in standard mode and the second in vivid/user-defined saturation. It adds a little “umph”. Fun.

vivid mode


Andrew and I meandered around the East Side of Providence throughout the week gathering photos as we traveled.