Days 284 - 289

Andrew and I had a low key week

He didn’t get to go to the museum with Caroline, Claire, and I last weekend so I promised him we would go together this weekend. And we did. He was excited to see a picture that he studied in architecture school and I took him through the blue room where Claire, Caroline, and I played “What one picture would you want in your house and what one picture would you not want in your house?”


Also, I recently read about vivid mode on digital SLR cameras. I loved the idea of bringing the intensity of colors out, but I wasn’t sure what kind of changes it would make. I took two photos from our kitchen table. The first in standard mode and the second in vivid/user-defined saturation. It adds a little “umph”. Fun.

vivid mode


Andrew and I meandered around the East Side of Providence throughout the week gathering photos as we traveled.


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