Days 290 – 300

Early NovemberIMG_41700 [Don’t worry. It’s not that bad. We’re doing fine. And using our heat plenty:D]


Election Day.
I literally laughed out loud when I saw some of the party names. I wished that Andrew and I had gone to vote together so I had someone to laugh with.



Andrew and Becka surprised me. I knew we were having visitors this weekend but I thought it was just Andrew’s cousin and a few of his friends passing through town on their way to Boston and NYC. To my surprise, after his cousin left, Andrew asked for the car to go somewhere for an hour. He returned, with Becka and her sweet girl, Reagan!

We took them to the indoor farmer’s market in Pawtucket.


We played Wii, baked giant cookies, and had pillow rides with Mr. Andrew. becka


And we went to the park and played in the leaves.prospect park


Reagan loved Mr. Andrew. She was such a ham with him. He’s the coolest. Pillow rides? C’mon. That’s fun!


Thanks so much for coming, Becka, we had such a great time!

PS You can check out Becka’s recap for more details and pictures:)

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