Days 316 – 323

We received a pizza stone from Andrew’s parents for Christmas. It’s something that we have wanted for a while and couldn’t wait to use. So we attempted to use it as soon as we got home. Fail.
When it says to preheat the stone and to use cornmeal, perhaps those directions should be taken a little more seriously.
IMG_48200[Note: Despite the disaster of our first attempt, we were able to rectify the situation and have cleaned the stone and successfully used it with cornmeal.] 


We began decorating for Christmas.IMG_48270


We went out and got our first Christmas tree! We were hoping to cut it down ourselves, but in RI you can only select your tree and someone else cuts it for you. Andrew was really disappointed, but I was secretly happy that we didn’t have to carry it out of the forest ourselves;)tree_farm


We brought the tree home and immediately began decorating it:)IMG_49000


And this was our final product! We had bought some ornaments last year on clearance after the new year so our tree was red, white and silver themed.IMG_49470

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  1. Don't they say its better to have a "seasoned/used" stone??? More flavor?
    So glad you captured all the Christmas tree bit...what a great memory!!! New tradition!
    (Cutting the tree or standing in the Lowes parking lot under a temporary tent selecting one.) :)