Days 335 – 343

We headed down to Florida for Christmas. 

One of our first stops was visiting family in Sun City and seeing the manatees. Each time we visit Florida we try to find a new animal for Andrew to see. Alligators. Check. Dolphins. Check. Manatees... Check! teco

the power station’s discharge canal, where saltwater – taken from Tampa Bay to cool Unit 4 – flowed, clean and warm, back to the bay.

In the wintertime, the manatees gather in the canal near the warm water discharge at the Big Bend Power Station in Tampa. The area is now a state and federally designated manatee sanctuary and we are told the discharge water is clean (saltwater is taken in to cool the plant and warm water flows back to the bay). There were hundreds of manatees in the canal!IMG_51900


Andrew, Mom and I on the boardwalk overlooking the manatees.IMG_52350


Back at my mom’s house: Christmas ornaments on the tree—shout out to Rollins and U of I:)IMG_52490


We met up with Becka and Reagan. And of course, Mr. Andrew was the hit of the party.catch

The whole family gathered to celebrate Grandma’s 84th birthday. IMG_5404

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