Days 345 – 351

We left Florida a little early to beat the big storm bearing down on Rhode Island.

Welcome home. New England Style.


Snow day!
We got an extra day of vacation so we rotated our couch around in our bay window and made a “snow nook”. Andrew read books and I read blogs while we sipped hot chocolate and watched the snow fall. It was awesome.



Once we were settled and unpacked and made it through the busy work week, we exchanged Christmas gifts with each other and opened presents we had received in the mail.





  1. That storm looks horrible! Why, why are you still living there?!? :)
    The whole nook idea...adorbale. Very you guys. Was your love tank full after that?
    Soooooo, what did you get each other?

  2. The nook was so fun. To be honest, we just turned it around yesterday. We left it like that for a month and a half!! Haha. It was so not us to leave our living room disheveled for that long, but we did!:)

    Hmmm...He got me a purse, a shirt with matching costume jewelry, an adorable 365 dog calendar I'd been begging for (no dog in the plans, but you know, we're planners, so we're scoping breeds).
    I got him some shirts for work and a sweater. Nothing too exciting, but stuff he really wanted.