Days 364 – 366

One Year.
Happy Anniversary!

We celebrated by spending the weekend in Little Compton, RI. We have been to Little Compton to go to the beach, but hadn’t really spent any time there or realized how quaint and adorable it was.



There was a fireplace in our room and a couch with a view out into the snowy goodness. IMG_61410

We spent the weekend relaxing, reading, watching the Bears win in the playoffs, channel surfing with cable, going to the spa, and eating at local restaurants. reading


I was so impressed by our hotel room book selection. They had authors ranging from Oscar Wilde to Henry David Thoreau and James Patterson to Max Lucado. Andrew and I felt inspired to create a little book shelf in our guest room with equally diverse authors.books2 

We went to the Sakonnet Vineyards winery and loved it! It was warm & cozy, the staff was super friendly, and we were the only ones there for the tour. We watched a video, toured the winery and then enjoyed a little tasting. It was great! We found the video and tour to be extremely informative and interesting. We learned so much about grapes and wine-making. Our favorite quote from the video was that the owners fell in love with Little Compton and said: “Little Compton looks like the Hamptons did 35 years ago.” IMG_62240


When we arrived back to the hotel we realized there was a GIANT pig in a pen next to the parking lot at the nearby house. It was definitely the biggest pig I have EVER seen. Loved being in a rural town.


We celebrated our first anniversary with traditional gifts of paper. Andrew got me stationery and a personalized stamp; I gave him a book and subscription to RI Monthly magazine. IMG_62860


View from the Stone House. Beautiful sunset over the Atlantic Ocean.


We drove around scoping out the beaches and planning ahead for summer—where to go and where to park. lighthouse


It was so interesting to see beach houses and cattails on a frozen pond. Beach + Sand = Warmth to this Florida girl. Not snow:)IMG_6346


Handsome Hubby. We walked to the beach behind the hotel. I wanted to see what a beach covered in snow looked like. We had no idea how cold it was or that the wind, which was at our back for the first half, was unbelievably cold and coming from the north. IMG_63520




We loved, loved, loved, Little Compton. It was so quaint and quintessential New England. We loved the colonial houses on rustic farms. We seeing kids playing hockey on frozen ponds. And driving around the commons which had a general store, family diner and white steeple church. Straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting.

Below are some awesome address markers. I love how they are classy, yet rustic and unique with different fonts.IMG_6396

We had a great time and cannot wait to come back when the temperatures are warmer and the beach beckons us. IMG_64020


  1. This weekend looks AMAZING!!!! What a great way to celebrate your first year. I want to go next time!
    Happy 1 year anniversary!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on sticking with the 365 blog! You did it! Great memories captured forever! It was lovely and I would like more. :)

  2. Thanks! As much as I hated the burden of always being behind, I love having the pictures documenting our 1st year. More posts to come. Promise:) (Just not 365)