Reflections on a 365 Blog


Now that the year of pictures is over I wanted to reflect a little—for my own personal processing, but also for my loyal and faithful readers who patiently waited when I took months to put up a new post:)

In one word, I'd describe the year in pictures as: Bittersweet. Bitter because I hated it at times. I hated the pressure that it put on me and the weight it put on my shoulders. Sweet because I am so thankful for the finished product: A year of special memories and reminders all documented in pictures.

As the year went on, it amazed me how difficult finishing what I started would be. You don't realize how busy/lazy/tired you are until you plan to take and post one picture every day for an entire year. And with every day that passed there were more images to sift through, more memories captured, and more posts to be written. And every day that I wasn't able to post, more pictures piled up. It might have seemed like I had forgotten at times, but trust me, I didn't. It weighed on me. I was always aware that there were photos to be uploaded and blogs to be posted.

I always seemed to be a month or two behind. And the further behind I got, the more overwhelmed I felt. But it was cyclical; wavering between the bitter and the sweet. I'd get behind and feel defeated. And eventually, I would get caught up (aka only a few weeks behind) and feel relieved and satisfied.

But I made it! I came out on the other side:) I know it wasn't without bumps and hiccups and delays, but we finished. And that is enough. Yes, at times, it has been a bitter journey. But let's be honest, it came with loads of sweetness and goodness.

I love having so many pictures of our first year of marriage.
I love having captured so many fun memories with family and friends.
I love having documented every vacation and visitor and day trip. Every holiday and dinner party and party for two.
I love that it pushed me to take photos every day.
I love that it pushed me to take better photos every day.
I love that we are able to relive so many easy-to-forget moments so well. To live in the moment again. And see details our brains have cast out.
But mostly, what I'm thankful for, is that it forced me to see (and capture) the little moments in life. The small, thankless moments like putting together a bed or melting when it was 90 degrees in our apartment and we couldn't sleep. The looks and glances and smiles; the burnt dinners, the bad cupcakes and the flat cookies. The warm summer air on our faces. These are the little things we take for granted. They are life. The 365 project helped me to step back and enjoy the small things in life. On days when we didn't do anything except wake up, brush our teeth, eat a few meals, and do chores, I had to look for the beauty in each moment. And I loved that.

For all of these things, bitter and sweet, I am truly grateful.

We look forward to continuing to document our life right here. While it won't be a 365 blog, it will still be our blog. And I hope that without the pressure of taking pictures everyday I will continue to notice the small things and stop to capture them. And then, of course, share them here. My hope is that less is more. Less commitment, less pictures, less expectations on myself will = more posts, more stories, and more for you to read. But I'll be honest, sometimes our life is just not that exciting.

We do have a few plans up our sleeves for this year and fortunately they are not nearly as time intensive as 365 days of pictures. I'll be putting a post up with more details soon. (And I do mean soon as in days, not months!)

Thanks for putting up with me!


  1. It was fun to follow along with you guys! You are part of what inspired me to do a 365 photo project. (That is now on hold because my camera broke... sad face.) Loved watching your gorgeous photos throughout the year. Can't wait for your future posts. :)

  2. :)
    So good to process and document.