Adorable Cookies

If Andrew and I were able, we would totally be having a Mardi Gras party to celebrate Fat Tuesday—the feast before the beginning of Lent. We thought in honor of our year of holidays it would be fun, but then realized we aren’t available Tuesday.

I saw some adorable ideas online, so in case you’re interested in carrying the torch, here is a tutorial to make some adorable cookies and some downloadable print outs for your party.

We would definitely be making the mask cookies, although I realize they wouldn’t be nearly as pretty. Decorating with icing is hard. We learned that lesson with our Christmas tree cookies. It’s okay though, we’ll just have to keep practicing:)

photo source


  1. Glad you shared these. When I saw them, I thought "these are so pretty. who could I share them with?"

  2. Hi Kim! I saw your blog through FB and enjoyed checking it out. Your pictures are beautiful. RI looks like a great place to live - a little cold, but really stunning. Happy to see you're enjoying life!