Book Review | ‘Tasting Beer’

Month two, book two. [Again, delayed post lost in the shuffle of life.]
I had absolutely no idea what Kim was getting me for our one year anniversary. I had a hunch that it would be ‘paper’ as a nod to tradition, but that didn’t really narrow it down. Fortunately for me, her creativity never ceases. As I unwrapped my soon to be second edition of the ‘year of the book’ my eyes grew wider. The gift? Tasting Beer by Randy Mosher. Happy me. She knew one of my Top 30 Before 30 goals was to better understand beer.

I’ve always wanted to know more about beer. I know that I like it. But I also know that I know very little about it. That becomes especially evident when reading a beer menu and wanting to try something new. There are some beers out there I like, and others that I don’t. But truth be told I don’t know which is which and why. Hence my excitement for the new reads. 

The book. One thing that took some getting used to was that unlike Three Cups of Tea, this book is not a story. It read more like a textbook. Forty pages in one sitting was not really in the cards. Much more common was me reading the same page two or three times. You get malt out of barley how? Wait, what makes an IPA taste like that? Go back. Re-read.

My goal going into Tasting Beer was simply to learn more about beer. Fortunately, that’s exactly what this book is about. (I later learned that Kim went through dozens of beer books until, knowing what I was looking for, purchased this one. She is too good to me). From a basic history of beer to the brewing process and later the individual styles to glassware and food pairings. Mosher really covered it all. While it may have read like a textbook, the book was very enjoyable and covered a wealth of information.

After reading the book I am still far from an expert on beer. But I certainly appreciate a better understanding of the basics. In fact, Tasting Beer probably makes me a much more annoying person to share a pint with. Pouring it into a glass, trying to smell the barley, noting for color, and trying to remember little details about the style….not exactly Mr. Fun. One thing I learned is that I’m a pretty wimpy beer drinker. It starts to become more and more obvious when your favorite brews are the butt of beer jokes and constantly show up on the lame side of all the charts. Who knew that ‘Lager Drinker’ was an insult? Needless to say I am now motivated to branch out in attempt to expand my horizons into the darker and hoppier side of the scale. 

Maybe Ill even have a Guinness at St. Patrick’s Day. Stay tuned… 

Change of pace for book #3. The next book: The Momentary Marriage by John Piper

Post Edit: I did have a Guinness for St. Patrick’s Day and I actually really liked it!


  1. I thought maybe the delay in posting was because you were too drunk to post. Does the notepad on the right ever get used? :)

  2. haha you are the worst! Not drunk.

    Notepad: All the time. You know us--lists, lists, lists:) Grocery lists, to do lists, wish lists, project lists... We check boxes off like it's our job. We have 4 of these clipboards strategically placed around our house:)
    [However, the one in this particular picture was a gift for a friend. So it is unused. We try not to gift used items:) I suppose you're next up in line for receiving a fancy clipboard, Ms. Smarty Pants)

  3. No no no. That wore off after a few days. The delay was just technical difficulties and editing issues.