Happy Royal Wedding Day!

I had very little interest in the Royal Wedding until last night at around 7:30 pm. I didn’t plan to watch it and I was okay with that. Then suddenly I decided that maybe I should watch it. I like weddings, I like royals, and I like once in a lifetime occasions. So I changed my mind and made a plan. We could get up, watch it live, have breakfast, and make it a little party. And somehow Andrew went for it. So at 9 o’clock last night I printed off some royal wedding party printables I had seen earlier in the week, printed up the Queen’s recipe for Scotch pancakes, and set an alarm for 5:30.

This morning we woke up just in time to see the immediate family arrive and then the wedding ceremony started. Catherine was beautiful, her dress was lovely, and I was so taken by her poise. I only wish I could have watched the reception live as well!


We made coffee.

And Scotch pancakes (aka drop scones).

And sipped orange juice out of wine glasses (the closest we have to champagne flutes).

The end. And we lived happily ever after.

Once we ate that is:) I was having so much fun with my little photo shoot that my hungry husband just started cutting his breakfast mid pictures to let me know he was ready to consume it:) Oops.

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