Where did you go, March?

I woke up March 1 and Andrew was gone. [Don’t worry, he was at a conference in L.A. and I took him to the airport]. As soon as the conference was over, I jetted out to L.A. after him. We rendezvoused with the West Coast for a week and before I knew it, April had arrived. We have been so busy traveling, recuperating, adjusting to time changes, working, and painting that the whole month just passed us by. I probably haven’t even taken a picture in 3 weeks (and as you might recall, I had gotten used to taking pictures every day!)

I flew solo out to meet Andrew in L.A. I’m not a big fan of flying these days and to say that I was not looking forward to the 5.5 hour coast-to-coast flight from D.C. would be a vast understatement. Fortunately, it was a breeze! And went so much better than I could have hoped for:) I stayed busy reading books and magazines and listened to some sermons on my iPod. And before I knew it the palm trees of the California coast were beckoning me. In fact, as we descended into LAX I said in my head “Hello, palm trees.” It had been quite a few months since I’d seen the sun, palm trees and warm weather.

The first day in L.A. we hit the ground running. I grabbed a rental car, picked up Andrew and we headed for the Warner Brothers Studio tour. It was a little different than we expected. We failed to realize that we don’t really watch TV or many movies, so we were a little behind the times. Chuck, The Mentalist, Harry Potter? Nah. Never seen ‘em. But you better believe our camera was snapping away when we saw the studios and sets that filmed FRIENDS, Full House, and the Gilmore Girls. This might also have been at the same moment that Clint Eastwood drove past us. When someone said, “Hey that was Clint Eastwood.” The tour guide said, “Yea he’s filming today.” But although he evaded us and we didn’t see him, we’ll probably still say we did. Hey, we were within 10 ft of Clint Eastwood. That’s kind of a big deal. Oh, and we got to sit on the FRIENDS couch. Another BIG DEAL in my world:)



We spent the night in Hollywood and the next day set out for a quick little adventure before heading up the coast. Things of note below.
1. We split a corn dog for breakfast. Yes, we were too snobby to buy a smoothie that didn’t use real fruit and instead went for the corndog. What?
2. Our camera is so fancy We are such amateurs that we couldn’t figure out how to capture a picture of us and the Hollywood sign in focus.


We oohed and ahhed over the classic imprints from the first half of the twentieth century—Judy Garland’s high heel impressions and Bill Hart’s guns and cowboy boots, pictured below. Naturally, we had to take a picture of Clint Eastwood’s imprints since we had seen him the previous day and all (wink). And who doesn’t love Robin William’s “Carpe Diem” to bring back a little Dead Poets Society love?
Walk of Fame

We checked out of our hotel, hopped in the car and headed west on Santa Monica Boulevard.  We drove through West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and downtown Santa Monica. Santa Monica was so much cooler than we had anticipated. The pedestrian mall downtown reminded us a lot of our trip to Burlington, VT. We bought some Jamba Juice, Girl Scout cookies, and dipped our feet in the ocean. And as quickly as we arrived, we departed to begin our drive up the coast with what little sunlight was left in the day.


California…to be continued.

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