Hello Again!

So, no excuses; no long catch-up. Just diving in. Lots to say, too little time. 

I'm going to set the bar low for myself: a few pictures, a few sentences, a few times a week. The blog was started to keep family and friends in the loop while living far away, so what better opportunities do we have than now to keep you updated!?

We bought a dreamy fixer upper house last year, moved across town, and had a sweet baby girl this spring!

Here's a quick overview of the past 4 months!

First bath at the hospital.

First week home. Often tightly curled up.

Out and about in her carseat.

Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup and make Daddy happy.

Hanging out at home. Showing off our new found skill of smiling.

Loves rolling to her belly. We can't keep her on her back anymore.

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